We Want to PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One and Show You How to Leverage Amazon’s Daily Visitors Product Searches to Create A Passive Income Stream That Yields A 10%-25% Profit Margin. Learn How to Triple Your Income In The Next 12 Months!


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Automation Investments created a PROVEN, duplicated system that, when followed, results in a cash-flow positive Amazon E-commerce store in less than 3-months.
Amazon is the largest retailer in the world – MILLIONS of people every day are buying on Amazon; that’s why having a seller store has never been more lucrative. Our AUTOMATION TEAM will handle everything – literally. We’ll build, launch, and optimize every facet of your store so you can sit back and collect passive income and thrive.
We STRIVE to make it our goal to have each store running at a $100,000 a month in sales (with the appropriate working capital) by year one.
You could try this on your own. But why? After years of research and scaling 40% of our client’s stores to the HIGH SIX FIGURES, we found that the secret relies on a couple of essential variables we will share and automate in your store. It’s worth noting, 15% of our clients have reached the SEVEN FIGURE threshold.
Seriously, what is stopping you from creating a ROBUST passive income opportunity with the EXACT, step by step strategy that provides the opportunity to achieve financial freedom.